Nabakalebara Vidhi : Selection of Mahadaru

Nabakalebara Vidhi : Selection of Mahadaru 

As mentioned in the previous post of Nabakalebara , holy neem trees which show those specific signs is selected as the Mahadaru for the carving of the Deities. At first, Shri Sudarshan Mahadaru is selected for the Nabakalebara(changing of old bodies and acquiring new wooden bodies) process of the deities. 

As the Mahadaru(the holy neem tree) which shows the maximum desired signs as mentioned in the previous chapter is selected, then the Lenka servitor place the chakranarayan in front of the tree and the bhramins prepares for the ritualistic process to goes on there and Daita (sabar sevak) and Patimohapatra started staying near the selected holy neem tree.

Then is a long list of details which is strictly followed by the Vedic Bhramins and according to that the Yagyan Mandap(pedestal for fire sacrifice ) is made on the Yagyan shala, which has a central mandap and 4 other yagyan mandap on 4 sides of the central mandap.Towards the Agni Kona (a particular place according to vastu shastra) of the Yagyan shala there an Adhibasa mandap is constructed along with the holy mandap for the snan of the deities and Ankoraropan(planting of seeds, whose germination will start the fire sacrifice) mandap. Then the basic puja’s (preliminary rituals) such as Bhumi sodhan, Surya puja, Varuna puja, astadasa matrugana puja, astakula naaga puja, bhairav, chaturdhamurty and dasadigapala puja are done.

As the Preliminary rituals are completed then the main rituals of the fire sacrifice for the Nabakalebara are performed as per the records as mentioned in the scriptures as :

srimanmahanrusinhasya jantrarajo manoharah 
bilekhaniya yeisanyakone jatnena sadaram ll
trisadrekha hi tasya stuh dwatingsatu gruhani ca
stuh punahtatra sadarekhang catastro ramyakarnika ll
srimousalanrusinghasya mantrena subhadayina
sakalang sodhayet salang prathamantu prayatnatah ll
Towards the yaisanya kona of the yagya mandap a beautiful yantra raj sri bhagawata Nrusingha yantra to be drawn with colour powers which should have 30 lines and 32 squares and with 6 and 4 lines with petals.
Again after it with the Sri musala Nrusingha mantra every part of the yagya 
shala is to be sanctified by sprinkling of water.

As this is a divine work of the great lord, so the demigods possess a desire to be the part of this great divine work, meant for the lord of the universe, Shree Jagannatha Mahaprabhu
so, scripture advise us to perform the rite to invite(awahan) the gods to be the part of this great fire sacrifice.
Then vaishnavagni to be lighted with on pronunciation of the mantra,then a puja for Adi Shakti Bimala Devi, and nabagraha to be done at the place.Then near the Beautifully decorated vardhan kalash awahan of the gods are to be done there and at last ekakhyar mantra puja for Nrusingha to be done there after that the great fire sacrifice with the most powerful mantra “Patala Nrusingha Mantra”begins for the 3 days in this time, no one takes water or food.
sri patalanrusinghasya mantrapathapurahsaram 
homah karyastudaivasthoutaramekasahasrakam ll

The Most Powerful Patal Nrushingha Mantra
om namah bhagabate nrushinghaya pradiptasuryakotisahasra-
samatejase bajranakhadrangstaayudhaya sputabikatabikirna-
sarbamantracharanaya ahyahi bhagabanarasingharupapurusaparapara
bahusatwena swura swura bijrubha bijrubha aakrama aakrama gajra-
gajra muccha muccha singhanadana bidrabaya bidrabaya abesayabesaya
sarbamantrarupani sarbamantrajaticha hana hana chindi chindi sankhepaya
sankhepaya dara dara daraya daraya sphuta sphuta spotaya spotaya-
jwalamalang sangbhramaya sarbatoanantajwalabajra sanirabase 
sarbapatalanacchadayachhadaya sarbatoanantajwalabajrasarapanjarena
sarbapatalan paribarya paribarya swargalokanivasinang hrudayanyakarshaya
sigrhang daha daha pacha pacha matha matha sosaya sosaya nikruntaya 
nikruntaya dabadjabanaaiva samagatha l
patalebhiang phat l aasuribhiang phat l sarbamantrupebhiang phat l
sarbamantra-jatibhiang phat sasahayang mang bhagabanaarasingharupa 
bishno sarbebhiang sarbamantrarupebhiang rakhya rakhya hung phat l

namostu te ll   


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