(Jal Krida) : Water Sport of Lord Jagannath

Jal Krida

This is a special ritual where the festival Deities play with turmeric water which is popularly known as Jal Krida or the water sport of Lord Jagannath. It is performed on Jyestha Krishna Ekadasi, Savitri Amavasya, and Sitala Sasthi. On Jyestha Krishna Ekadasi after the morning Chandana lagi, secret Alata lagi seva and Jata bhoga.Madana Mohana receives the food offering called Dakshina Ghara Bhoga and is then carried to the Ratna Simhasana. After the Panchaupachara puja on the Ratna singhasana, the Mahajanas receive the aagyamala, then carry Madana Mohana and Sridevi on a palanquin to the Jala Krida Mandapa. Before the arrival of Madana Mohana and Sridevi, a vessel is filled with water and scented flowers. The
Deities arrive at the Jala Krida Mandapa, enter the vessel and a food offering is presented.Then the Deities play with sandalwood water and drink pana bhoga while still inside the vessel. The Sitala bhoga provided by Raghavadas Matha is also offered with pancha upachara rituals. Finally the Deities get out from the vessel and are decorated with fresh clothes and flowers. Sridevi returns to the
Ratnasinghasana and Madana Mohana to the Dakshina Ghara. On Savitri Amavasya and Jyestha sukla Ekadasi, the Jala Krida rituals take place in the same way, with the only exception that on Jyestha sukla Ekadasi the festival of Rukmini Harana is celebrated, so Dola Govinda takes the place of Madana Mohana
and Sridevi for the water playing.

As it’s a part of the water sport festival of Lord Jagannath Chandan yatra festival as the longest festival of Jagannath temple Chandan yatra is divided into two parts outside chandan yatra and inside chandan yatra, so as to know about the chandan yatra festival outside click on the below link and read about the chandan yatra festival and rituals associated with it.


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