Chita Lagi Amabasya

chitalagi amabasya in jagannath temple

Chita Lagi Amabasya

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While Sakala Dhupa is taking place, the Bhandara Mekapa hands over the chittas to Tadau Deula
Karana, who in turn hands them over to the temple jewellers (Bania) and the Tata Lenkas provide them
with fire from the temple kitchen. The King’s superintendent provides the jeweller with the cleansing
material, and the jeweller cleans the chittas. After Sakala Dhupa and Bhoga Mandapa, the Palia Khuntia
calls out for the Pashupalakas to do the Mailama.
They remove the jhoba kanthi and hand it over to the Bhandara Mekapa. The Pushpalakas carry Sridevi
and Bhudevi to the Khata Seja Ghara. Then the Daitas are called by the Palia Khuntias. The Bada Grahi
Daita and Pati place the chittas on the srimukha and tie them with silken ropes provided by the Patra. Then
the Mekapa cleans the Ratna singhasana. The Mahasnana takes place and Pushpalakas do the Mailama.
After completion of Chitalagi,Mahasnana and other rituals will be completed. Some Nijogs will offer Chena Tadia and Fala Solaa Alati Bhoga on this occasion, in odisha chitau pitha is prepared on this occasion.
“Shrabanasya Cha Darshe Apihyarunodayakaalake
Naivedyaamadhakan Dadyaat Praatah Pujanakalake||
Subarnarachitan Dibyan Naanaaratnasamujjwalam
Tilakan Tu Kapaaleshu Debaanan Bhillajaatayah।।”
Chitalagu rituals are conducted in Sri mandir on Shraabana Amabasya. On this day,the deities are adorned with golden Chita.On this day,after Bhogamandap,Shridebi and Bhudebi will be taken to Khataseja Ghara.The Jhobas of the deities will be removed temporarily and Jaya Bijaya Dwara will be closed.After Amabasya Narayan will return from Sagara Bije,Chitalagi will be done by Pati Mohapatra and Badagrahi Daita Sevaks.The Chitas will be attached to the heads of the deities using Oshua(Resin) and Pata Dora(Silk Ropes).
The Chitas are removed from the deities on the night of Snana Purnima.On Chitalagi Amabasya,the Chitas are brought from the Bhandara Ghara and cleaned by the Bania(Jewellers) under the supervision of Deulakarana and Tadhaukarana and the Temple commander.Since Chitalagi is a secret ritual, therefore Darshan remains closed during this time.

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