Balabhadra Janma – Birth Ritual of lord Balabhadra

Balabhadra Janma

Balabhadra Janma

Shri Balabhadra is the eldest among all the deities seated on the Ratnasinghasan.He is Badathakura,Baladeba,Sankarshana,Rebati Ballabha,Rohineya,Kaamapala and Halaayudha.
The birthday of Shri Balabhadra is on Shraabana Purnima(Gamhaa Purnima).

Birth Ritual of Lord Balabhadra

The birth rituals of Shri Balabhadra are conducted in Sri mandir on this day. On this day after Bhogamandapa,Mailam is done and Mahasnan is conducted.After that Chandan Lagi is done.Then the deities are dressed in new Boirani and Patani clothes.Shri Jagannath and Shri Balabhadra wear silk Rakhi on each hand and Guaa Mali .

After that Garbhagruha is cleaned and Puja Muruja of Baruna,Sasthi and Markanda is drawn infront of Shri Balabhadra.  Besides that afternoon Dhoopa  puja and Jatrangi Bhoga are brought together and offered to the deities in Sodasha Upachar by Pujapanda sevaks. After completion of Bhoga Alati is done. Then Garbhagruha is cleaned again. After that Mangalarpana is conducted near Shri Balabhadra by Pujapanda sevak. After that Mudirasta, Pati Mohapatra and Pujapanda conduct Bandapana. Madanmohan is brought to Ratnasinghasan from Dakhini Ghara.Madanmohan,Bhudebi and Sridebi recieve Agyanmaala and are taken to Jhulana Mandapa.

After that Palia Khuntia calls the Daitapatis for bringing Sudarshan down the Singhasan. Shri Sudarshan receives Agyanmaala from Mahaprabhu and is seated in a decorated Chaudola.
Shri Sudarshan is dressed with colthes provided by Chaangada Mekap and a Chula provided by
Dayanamaali sevak.

balabhadra janma
balabhadra janma

Besides that the alankaras provided by The Bhandar Mekap Servitor such as Kamara Patti and Harida Mali is offered to Sudarshana. After the completion of the besa, Bimanabadu Servitors carry Sudarsana on Chaudala towards Markanda Puskarini and make him seated on the Chakada.

On the chakada, on a circular chaka, Sudhasuara servitors build up a clay an image of Balabhadra provided by the Kumbhara Bisoyi servitor.After this, Pujapanda perform the Jivannyasa (infusion of life force) of the image and completes the birth rituals of Balabhadra. After the completion of the rituals, Mudirasta offers Prasada and Pujapanda does Panchaupachar Puja and offers Sitalabhoga and after this the image get immersed. Consequently after the completion of the rituals Sudarsana visits the rest three ashramas and returns back to Sri Mandir. After returning back, the Mahasnan ritual is completed. Afterthat Palia puspalak servitor does Mailam and performs Sandhya Alati. After the completion of Sandhya Dhupa ritual Pujapanda offers Vandapana and prasada lagi to Sudarsana. Consequently, after the completion of all other rituals Pahuda ritual is conducted.

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