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 Sri Jagannatha, the Lord of the universe

“ado yad daruplavate sindho pare apurusam, tada rabhasva durhano, tena gaccha parastaram” // 10.153.3 Rig Veda

Shri Jagannath
Shri Jagannath

According to Rig Veda

 Here the sacred one exists on sea-shore in a far off place, the wooden image of a deity with name Purusottama(apurusam), One by worshipping that wood so indestructible, attain the supreme place from the above quote on Rig veda it is clear that The divine Log (wooden image of God) is Lord Purusottama himself who stays at the holy sea shore. 
The Puri temple, Sri Mandir is built on a gigantic raised platform in the heart of the city.The temple complex is enclosed by a great wall ( meghanada pacheri )of eleven meters high. The area of this platform is more than 4,20,000 sq.ft. There is four entrance to the temple. On the east the main entrance of the temple its called Lion’s Gate.The north, south, and west facing gates are similarly known as Elephant, Horse and Tiger gates respectively. 
The central deities of the temple are Lord Balabhadra, Lord Jagannatha, Devi Subhadra, and Chakraraj Shri Sudarshan are worshipped here on the Ratnasinghasan along with Bhudevi, Sridevi and Madhav apart from that there are many other gods and goddess temple in the inside and outside complex of inner boundary (kurma bedha) of Shri Jagannatha temple.
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Myself Rajendra Dash, it’s my interest to bring out the unknown facts, rituals, and rites of Jagannatha Temple, and of Lord Jagannatha to the common and kind people. As what I think today peace is the utmost important thing and somehow or someway everyone on this planet is searching for Peace. So, here I hope by following this unique culture we can achieve it and also we could learn many things to lead this human life.
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Rajendra Kumar Dash
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