Aadhar Pana

aadhar pana

Aadhar Pana

On Dwadasi, Adhara Pana is offered on the chariots after Madhyana Dhoopa. Adhara Pana should actually
be offered to the Deities on Dasami after the chariots reach Singha Dwara, but because usually on Dasami
there is not sufficient time, the offering is done on Dwadasi. The materials for preparing the Pana (milk,
fresh cottage cheese, banana, coconut, sugar, sweet spices) are supplied by Raghava Das Matha and the
Bada Oriya Matha. In the presence of the Mahasuaras, the Bhittarcha Mohapatra, the Talucha and the
Majhi Bada Palia Pushpalaka tie a tera infront each pot. The Puja Pandas make the offering by pancha
upachara. Then all the pots are broken. This ritual is also performed on Dwadasi.

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