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Pana Sankranti l Odia New Year l Hanuman Jayanti

Pana Sankranti l Odia New Year l Hanuman Jayanti

Maha Bishuba Sankranti and Hanuman Janma Rituals in Sri Mandir:-
Today is Maha Bishuba Sankranti.It is the first day of the New Year according to the culture of Odisha or Utkala.It is said that Hanuman grasped the sun of the first part of the first zodiac, and therefore this ritual is conducted on Maha Bishuba Sankranti.
Today after Sakala Dhoopa, the murti of Hanuman will be cleaned and dressed inside Dakhina Ghara and then he will be brought to the Ratnasinghasana.There he will receive Agyanmaala from Mahaprabhu Jagannath and will be placed in the Vimana(Palanquin) kept near Muktimandap.After that, Mailam, Mahasnana and Sarbanga Chandanlagi of the deities on Ratnasinghasana will be conducted.After that they will be offered new clothes and they will be adorned with six pieces of gold ornaments(Kundala-4,Tadagi-2).Then the Besha will be completed with Karpura Lagi(camphor).
After that Madhyanna Dhoopa will be conducted.After that, Pujapanda will offer the garlands of Mahaprabhu to different Hanuman shrines inside Shrimandir such as Kanapata Mahavir, Phate Hanumna, Tapaswi Hanuman, Barabhai Hanuman, Pattachitra(painting) Siruli Mahavir on the wall of Mahalakhmi temple, Hanuman near the temple kitchen and Panchamukhi Hanuman as Agyanmala.Also, Agyanmala is offered to Hanuman at Jagannath Ballava Matha, some other Hanuman shrines and finally Daria Hanuman.After that, Pujapanda will reach Jagannath Ballav Matha.After that, Hanuman seated on the Vimana will be brought to Jagannath Ballava Matha in a Procession.There Shitala Bhoga, Karpura Alati, and Bandapana will be done.After that,Mahaprasad will be offered to Hanuman and then
Hanuman will be brought back to Dakhini ghara in Sri Mandir.

Greetings for Pana Sankranti and Odia New Year

We wish all Odia, Punjabi, Bengali, Bihari Devotees a Prosperous New Year. 
Mahaprabhu Shri Jagannath bless you all.


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