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Nialdri Mahodayastami - Installation day of Deities in the temple

 Nialdri Mahodayastami

This is the day when the Deities of Lord Jagannath, Balabhadra, Devi Subhadra, Shri Sudarshan were originally installed on the Ratna singhasana in the second prahara of the Satya yuga by Brahma in the presence of Narada Rishi and King Indradyumna. This day falls on Vaisakha Sukla Ashtami.

Preparation for Niladri Mahodaystami
Vaisakha Shukla Saptami Rituals
Today after Sandhya Dhupa, Bhogamandap will be cleaned and an applique Chandua will be tied.Kotha Bhoga Pania Sevak will provide water and 108 pots of water will be filled and will be aromate with flowers and Chandan. They will be arranged by dividing them in four groups.After that Pujapanda servitor will cover them with cotton Patani clothes and Bhogamandap doors will be closed by tadhukaran servitor and Lenka sebak will guard the bhogamandap. This water will be used tomorrow to bath the deities during the Mahasnan ritual.
बैशाख स्यामले पखये अस्तमियांग पुस्यजोगतः l 
कृता प्रतिष्ठा भो विप्रः सोभने गुरुबसरे ll 
तद्दिनंग समुहत पुण्य सर्वपापप्राणासनाम l 
स्नानंग दानंग तपो होमः सर्वमोक्ष्यजामस्रुते ll (skanda puran)
On skanda puran its mentioned that on baisakha sukla astami which coinsided with pusya nakshyatra and on thursday, Lord Bhramha installed the deities on the Ratnasingahsana and this day is so auspicious that it clears all the sins of a person and grants salvation when a person worship the deities on this day, and when on this day any person perform bathing, charity, meditation or fire sacrifice it grants numerous boons to the person.

On the Ashtami day, when the food offering called Bhoga mandapa is over, the Sevakas known as Garabadus cover their faces and carry the 108 pots of water (after purifying them again) to the Ratna singhasana, to the accompaniment of various musical instruments. The Puja Pandas perform the samskara for the 108 pots of water and is offered to the seven Deities on the Ratna Singhasana(Mahasnan is done). Then, after the Pushpalakas have applied chandana to the Deities, jatrangi Bhoga and Madhyana Dhoopa are offered. When this arati is over, Madana Mohana and Rama Krishna are presented with a food offering called Dakshina Ghara Bhoga and then carried from the Dakshina Ghara to the Ratna singhasana. The Mudirasta offers the food and the Puja Pandas perform the sodashaupchar puja. After the vandapana is over, the festival Deities receive the aagya mala and go on a procession for the boat ride(chandan yatra).

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