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Sandhya Aarti In Jagannath Temple

Mailam, Sandhya Aarti & Sandhya Dhoopa

Mailam(Changing of clothes)

After each meal the Dress of the deities are changed, old flower ornaments are removed by the new one. As merciful lord he is called as the Graha rupi janardan he himself dress in various colours throughout the week, if we see then he dress according to the day, according to the season, according to the festival and according to the month even.
Clothes according to the week :-
Monday - Dhala chhitta (White clothes with black spot on it)
Tuesday - Barapatia(saree with strips of multicolour)
Wednesday - Nila (Green Saree)
Thursday - Haladia (Yellow Saree)
Friday - Dhala (White saree)
Saturday - kala (black saree)
Sunday - Nali (Red saree)
During winter dress they wears winter dress according to these same colour codes.

Sandhya Aalati(Evening Arti of Shri Jews)
The Pushpalakas, the Taluccha Mohapatra and the Gara Badu stand below the Ratna Singhasan the Palia Pushpalakas stand before Bada Thakura(elderlord) Balabhadra mahaprabhu and maa Subhadra whereas the Taluccha Mohapatra stand before Jagannatha mahaprabhu and then all of them offer camphor lamps then 3 garabadus supply water to wash their hands again the offer 21 ghee wick lamps, this arti is similar to the Mangala arti.After the Arati, the Pushpalakas get atops the Ratna Singhasan and do the Mailama, changing the Deities’ dresses. On some occasions when there is no time for Madhyana Pahuda(afternoon nap), Mailama is done immediately after Madhyana Dhoopa and then Sandhya Dhoopa takes place. On Ekadasi, before arti they wear new sets of clothes and the clothes of the Deities are changed again after the Arati.

Sandhya Dhoopa (Only Kotha Bhoga)

 This is similar like Sakala dhoopa and Madhyana dhoopa.This offering of food is presented near the Ratnavedi by the pujapandas and includes worship with 16 upacharas.The food offering consists of: 19 oli pots of chupuda pakhala, 23 oli of pani pakhala, 2 oli of sana oli pakhala, 5 oli of sakara, 3 soft puli, 22 matha puli, 7 amalu, 21 bada amalu, 83 sana amalu (pancakes etc.) In this offering the famous chadhei neda and kadamba pakhala are offered.Vedic hyms are recited during the time of Puja.
After Bhoga camphor Arati is offered, with 21wick lamp and rice paste, then 2 more lamps (jaya mangala arati) on a silver plate. 

(Note : After Sandhya Dhoopa the Uttar dwar(north gate) is completely closed and other 3 doors of the temple’s main entrance are closed half)


  1. Govinda

    Thankyou for the wonderful article

    What is the differece between dhupa and aarti? Can u please write some article on the various terminology used in sri mandira?

    What is the connection between changing of flag and sandhya dhoopa?

    1. Jaya Jagannatha, Your welcome and i pray from your well being on the lotus feet of lord jagannatha, and i am very impressed for your interest to know about the terminology of Sri mandira, and i will write some article about the same soon.

      Ans 1 : Artis are the showing of lamps to the deities, i.e Mangala alati, Sandhya Alati and Pahuda Arti, in these arties 3 types of artis are done like one with camphor(karpora), ghee wicks, and pitau and mangala arti is done by vhitarccha mohapatra, sandhya arti by taluchha mohaptra and pahuda arti by pati mohapatra whereas dhoopa are the bhoga in which kotha bhogas are offered to the deities and after the bhoga a arti is done by pujapandas those who offered the bhogs.

      ans 2 : there is no connection between changing of flag and sandhya dhoopa.


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