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God's Own People

God's Own People: Biswabasu

As in the first phase of Satya-yug, Biswabasu the tribal king use to worship the Supreme Lord in a most secret manner at one of the most secret place on the earth, Nilanchala hill.In today's day to be known as Puri, Odisha. Here the supreme lord manifested himself and will remain until the end of the time.

As it's often said that "Love is Blind" so, here the intimacy of God is really turning out to be blind for his devotee named Biswabasu due to his warmth, unconditional love and his service for his Lord Nilamadhav(the alive heavenly pleasing idol of a rare blue sapphire ).

Pleased with the devotion and love of the tribal king Biswabasu, the supreme god Vishnu saying Biswabasu:-

" srunu bho sabara sresthan mama vallabhamatmiyan l
   na hann twa pujayan bhakta deva gyane kadachana ll
   vallavo vallabhabhave naro-narayano yatha l
   aatmatmiya bicharane tawarchana priya mama ll
   yatha sadhe malimlrucho jayate purushottame l
   daru dehantare bhaktya pasayebhu swaroopam mama ll
   yatha pranabasane ca tyajanti manujaganaan l 
   tatha darumaya roopang nyasett kaibalyamandale ll
   dharanaya shokasanntapang yatha priyajanochintam l
   antadharne yatha ishta rudanti sadhakottama ll
   virahanala durvareedahiyan kaaya manasamm l
ditiya lakshyana aesaa sa bhaktirabyabhicarini ll " 
// Indraneelamani Puran

Text in Sanskrit of the Indra Nilamani Puran as mentioned there from a book about Nabakalebara

Here In the Indraneelamani Purana, Lord Jagannatha, then in the form of Nilamadhav addresses the tribal king Biswabasu as one of his most loved ones.As he says, Oh king Bisabasu! don't regard me as your Aaradhya God(venerated one) but deem me as your atmiya(Intimate).The strong bond of love between you and me has made us inseparable.Our relationship is akin to the most sacred relationship between our two.souls like Nara-Narayana.When the twin Aashada occurs, you will perceive my rare Blue-sapphire Idol(Indra-Neelamani)in my wooden structure.My old wooden image must be buried after replacement of my Divine Substance to a new One.

My old wooden image must be buried in the Kaibalya Mandala in the same way as a human is buried after his death.You must mourn my demise as if you have lost one of your Kith n kin and you must endure as desperate as a sadhaka experiences distress due to the sudden disappearance of his custodian(Ishta).This emotion will epitomize your immaculate exaltation for me.

The year of Nabakalebara is a year when the full moon occurs twice during the month of Ashadha. A year with an extra (Adhika masa) Ashadha masa(month) as per the traditional calendar is considered highly auspicious for conducting the ceremony, typically occurring every twelve to nineteen years.When the holy bodies of the deities in Jagannatha temple changes, while the alive super souls inside them are transferred from old bodies to the new bodies and the old bodies are buried in the graveyard of Jagannatha a beautiful sacred garden inside Jagannatha Temple, Koili Baikuntha all this are done in a very secret manner and it just to symbolize that whosoever took birth here has to meet his death even if being the supreme god.

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