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Dola Purnima

Dola Yatra: Holi of Lord Jagannath
The festival of Dola Yatra is held from Phalguna Sukla Dasami (called Phagu Dasami) till Dola Purnima.

"Shantam Chaaruhasya Badanam Kotisurjya Samaprabham

Shankham Chakram Gadapadmadharam,Shri,Bhu Daibeh Sebitam
Dolabedikasinam Nanarangashobhitam Basantotsabaadhinayakam
Bande Shri Dolagobindam,Bhaktajanabaradam,Ranganayakam Mukundam"

On this day Golden Attire of Shri Jews will be done

On Dasami(Phagu Dasami):

On Falguna Shukla Dashami, After completion of Madhyana Dhoopa the Sri Jews are dressed in red clothes to play with colors in the temple with the devotees. Powdered colors are applied to the Deities, then Chandana Lagi is done. Sridevi and Bhudevi are carried to the Dakshina Ghara for Chacheri Besha.It should be noted that the Colour Sprinkling Play of Mahaprabhu will begin from dasami.

AfterMadhyanna Dhoopa, Mailam will be done and deities will be dressed in completely red clothes and will be adorned with some golden ornaments. For Chacheri Besha, Sridevi and Bhudevi will be taken to the Dakhina Ghara of Sri Mandir. After the Chacheri Besha of Chaturdha Murti will be completed, the Chacheri Besha of Dolagobinda Bhudevi and Sridevi will be done.Then they will be offered Mandua Bhoga and will be brought to the Ratnasinghasana.There Karpoora Lagi will be done to mark the completion of Besha.Then Mudirasta will do Prasad Lagi and Bhoga will be offered in Panchaupachar.After that Pujapanda, Pati Mohapatra and Mudirasta conduct Phagu Lagi and then Dolagobinda Bhudevi Sridevi are taken for Jatra.At the Jaya Bijaya Dwara, again phagu lagi Is done along with Bandapana.After that, they are taken in the Mani bimana to the Jagannath Ballav Math.There phagu Lagi , Alata Chamara and Bandapana will be done.Then there the Jau Daba Karma will be completed.Then Prasad Lagi, Alata Chamara And Panti Bhoga will be offered.After that Dolagobinda will return to Dakhina Ghara and Bhudevi Sridevi will return to the Ratnasinghasana.

Benta Shikara Niti:

This festival takes place from Ekadasi to Trayodasi. On Ekadasi, the Deities travel only after Dola Govinda is offered Ekadasi Bhoga at the Jaya Vijaya Dwara.

Agni Utsav:

After Madhyana dhoopa ,mailam and sarbanag niti. Sridevi and bhudevi goes to dakshin ghar for chacheri bhesha of shri Jews then sridevi bhudevi n dolagovinda comes to ratnasinghasan then chacheri bhog is offered then pujapanda, pati Mohapatra and mudirasta bring the chandan mixed with colours n smeared in all over the shri Jews and vandapana is done then down the ratnasinghasan mudirasta performed certain rituals then does chamra,alata lagi, offers jhimiri phagu(colour) then chandanan phagu is used to anoint the Sri Anga then Sridevi, bhudevi and dolagovinda receive garland of permission i.e the aagyamala from lord Jagannatha then travel to devi mahalaxmi's shrine there laxminarayan play with colours then they are carried to dola mandap for Agni Utsav, where Deula Purohit have to conduct a fire sacrifice then prasada lagi,sitala bhoga,vandapana will be done and alata and chamara seva will be done and finally the fire is set ablaze and they will circumblate it 7 times then will return to Sri Mandira where dolagovinda will be taken to dakshina ghara and sridevi and bhudevi will go to ratnasinghan and there after next daily rituals of shri Jews will be performed.

Govinda Maha Dwadasi:

On Phalguna Krushna Dwadasi tithi when it coincides with a paticular astrological position, Puri celebrates Govinda Maha-Dwadasi, the day when the Mahadarus arrived in satyayuga at Chakra Tirtha during the time of Indradyumna Maharaja. The last time it was in 1962 and 2009.Many pilgrims and saints converge on Puri, and before Mangala arati (in the very early morning,between 4 am - 6 am) they take bath in the ocean and/or in the the other pancha tirthas and then goes to the temple for Jagannatha Darshana.On this day too the chacheri bhesha and Dola niti are done.

Dola Purnima: 

The famous Dola yatra continues for five days, culminating on Dola Purnima. Every day the Vijaya murtis of Jagannatha go on a palanquin to the Dola Vedi (towards north of the temple) in a procession.The festival includes a dramatization with two parties of 6 members each, telling stories, reciting slokas, singing and acting. The lead actor is called Gayaka.

On Purnima, after Abakasha and Chandana Lagi the Deities are dressed in new Boirani saris. In the meantime, Rosha Homa, Surya Puja, and Dwarapala Puja are completed. Khai Kora Bhoga is brought inside and Dola Govinda arrives. Bhoga is offered with pancha upachara rituals, then Dola Govinda,Sridevi and Bhudevi receive the Aagyamala, circumambulate the Ratnasinghasana seven times and then go to sit on a cot at the Nabhi Kata Mandapa, where Mahasnana is done. The Deities are dressed in Pata sari provided by the Raghava Das Matha. Then Prasada Lagi is done, Sitala Bhoga is offered with pancha upachara rituals and vandapana is done. The Deities sit in a Vimana and travel seven times around the temple, then proceed to the Dola Vedi and circumambulated it seven times. Again they go around the Dola swing seven times and finally sit on the swing. Here Sakala Dhoopa, Madhyana Dhoopa, and Sandhya Dhoopa are offered with sodasha upachara rituals, and the Mudirasta circumambulates the Dola Bedi seven times. They are offeredphagu (colored powders). The Deities are also decorated with the Rajadhiraj bhesha, with pata silk dress and many golden ornaments). After Prasada Lagi and vandapana, the Deities again circumambulate the swing and the Dola Vedi seven times before returning to the temple. Again They circumambulate the temple seven times and finally stop at Sarasvati’s shrine, where Sitala Bhoga is offered and vandapana is done. Then they are taken to the Bhandara Ghara where vandapana and Jala lagi is performed. After Sridevi, Bhudeviand Dola Govinda leave for their procession, the Pushpalakas do the Raja Vesa of the Sri Jews. All Gaudiya Mathas celebrate the day as Gaura Purnima, the appearance day of Sri Chaitanya, and the next day as the feast organized by Jagannatha Mishra (Sri Chaitanya’s father).


For this festival, three aagyamalas are offered during Madhyana Dhoopa puja. After the Dhoopa and Dakshina Ghara Bhoga, Dola Govinda is carried inside. Sridevi, Bhudevi and Dola Govinda gets the aagyamalas(the garlands from the deities as permission), and are carried to the Jhulana Mandapa and sit on a Vimana. Then They are carried to the Narendra
Sarovara, where Prasada Lagi, Sitala Bhoga, and vandapana are performed before the Deities return to their respective usual places.

The Dark history of Dola Mandap Sahi and Dola Mandap:

Once upon a time Lord Jagannatha himself use to comes out of the Temple for participation in Dola Utsav and at that time Dola utsav was celebrated in Dola Mandap of Dola Mandap Sahi, and once as per the rituals of Dola Purnima day while swinging in the swing with Bhudevi and Sridevi along both the sides of Lord Jagannatha, unfortunately the left rope of the swing got broken and the accident caused the left Sribhuja of Lord had broken and then immediately the dolamandap was sealed and again the holy woods stored in the Koili baikuntha was brought and maharanas and priest worked hard to get the Sribhuja fixed till the night as on that day lord has to seat on the Ratnasinghasan as per the rites.And from then Jagannatha himself not coming out for various festivals and his represtative deities comes out.
And even deities never went to that dola mandap again and even the street name still remained Dola Mandap Sahi but it doesn't have any links with the DolaUtsavv now.


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