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Daily Ritual: Gopal ballav bhog

Surya Puja, Dwarpala Puja & Gopalla Ballav Bhoga

Surya Puja(Worship of Sun God)

The Sevakas required for this ritual are: Nikapa, the same Deula Purohita or Puja Panda who conducted the Rosha Homa, Palia Patri. The Palia Patri arranges the materials for the puja like flowers, Chandan, Bell, etc. The Deula Purohita or the Puja Panda performs the Surya Puja in the Surya Temple.


 This puja is done in Panchaupchar and kora khai is offered to the sun god.The Photo of the  Surya Mandal shown here is taken during the Surya Puja at the time of Nabakalebara near lord Jagannatha's Mahadaru.

Dwarapala Puja(Worship of Gate-Keepers Jaya and Vijaya)

After Surya Puja, the same Deula Purohita or Puja Panda does the Dwarapala puja for Jaya Vijaya(The Gatekeepers of Lord) at the Jaya Vijaya Dwara.In the same way, as the Surya Puja is done. People are restricted to pass the Jaya Vijaya Dwar during this puja.Small Amount of Bhog is offered to them.
(Note: At this time the bhoga of all the gods and goddess inside Sri mandir has to be done, As a great king Jagannatha first offer food to Sun and then to all others including Jaya Vijaya and Garuda at last now the deities will enjoy their breakfast, the first bhoga of the day.)

Gopala Ballav Bhoga(Breakfast of Lord)
This bhoga offering takes place in the Anasara pindi. The Sudha Suar prepares the panchamrita, collects puja materials, and places the purna kumbha; the Suara Badu cleans the garbhagriha (pokharia) with water, the Patri Badu dries the floor and prepares the puja materials for the Puja Panda, the Gara Badu brings the water for the puja, the Vallabha Joganya brings the food to be offered.The Palia Maha Suara places the plates with the offering and then the Pradhani Sevaka invites the three Puja Pandas to conduct the rituals. This is done after the Pratihari ties a cloth called tera to cover the rituals from public view. Then the Puja Pandas do the offerings with pancha upachara. The puja is executed in the anabasara pindi and includes five upacharas. At this time sweet puffed popcorn (Khai) Khua ladus, Coconut sweets (Kora), Ripe banana, Curd, and chipped coconuts, etc. are offered as bhogas.After the Gopala vallabha bhoga is completed, the Garbha griha is cleaned again, then the Lord sits to receive His devotees before a curtain called tera is drawn over the sandalwood rail entrance for the Sakala Dhupa Bhoga offering.During the Dhanu Sankranti month this bhoga is offered with the pahili bhoga.Durging Anabasara and Rath Yatra this bhog is skipped.And During the Snana Purnima and Dolapurnima this bhoga took place once with the Sakala dhoopa Puja.

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