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Chandan Lagi

Mailam and Chandan Lagi Niti

The Suara Badu cleans the floor. The Pushpalakas do the Mailama and dress the deities with Chandan lagi bhesha, then the Muduli after getting it from chandan ghatuary mixes the chandana with camphor, musk and saffron and keeps the mix in a silver bowl. After the Mailama is completed, the Palia Mekapa brings the silver bowl into the Pokharia, the Gara Badu takes the silver bowl from the Mekapa and hands it over to the Pushpalakas, who apply Chandana on the Sri Anga (the bodies of the Deities). At the same time, the Hadapa Nayaka offers Bidia Pana (Betel) to the Deities and the Palia Khuntias call the attention of the Deities by calling, “Manima! Manimaa” Sri Anga ku sabhadhan.

Note: Although Chandan Lagi Niti is a daily Ritual in the Temple of Lord Jagannatha still on various occasions Chandan lagi is done additionally apart from this daily ritual, During the month of April-May(Summers) some special rituals are done apart from the main attraction of that time which is "Chandan Yatra" in which the represtative deity of Lord Jagannatha, Sri Madanmohan,along with bhudevi,Sri devi and Rama Krushna goes out of the temple with Pancha pandav(five Shiva's), at that time a special ritual called Alata Lagi seva is performed twice secretly for the central deities inside the temple. Once in the morning and other in the evening in which no one remains in the jagamohan (audience hall) and lights are turned off and secretly in the dark pujapanda servitors apply a large quantity of sandalwood paste on the Sri Anga of Lord Balabhadra,Devi Subhadra and Lord Jagannath and chakraraj Shri Sudarshan after that they have to wave a special type of hand fan called Alata.So, during the month of summers the Chandana lagi is done three times a day.
Apart from that on every Ekadasi a special ritual called Sarbanga Chandan Lagi is done.Even after coming back from their journey of Rath Yatra, On the day of Niladri bije at late night,a special chandan lagi is done secretly by Datia and Pati Mohapatras which is also known as Daitapati chandanlagi and even on many occasions and festive rituals Sarbanga chandan lagi ritual is done.
(Note: Images used in this post may seem to be real, which in actual taken in some other places and edited, and hereby I again declare that Photography is strictly prohibited inside the premises of Jagannatha temple and is a punishable act and I never promote photography, videography inside Shri Jagannatha temple and during the secret rituals of Lord Jagannath, outside the temple or any drone shoot near the areas of Shri Jagannatha Temple.)

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