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Bada Singhar Ritual of Lord Jagannath

Mailam,Bada Singhara Bhesha,Bhoga & Pahuda

Bada Sringhara Bhesha

After the last mailam of the day as per daily rituals as mentioned in Madala panji (a special almanac of Sri Mandir ) and Records of Rites, Deities are dressed again, with the gorgeous night dress called the Bada sringara bhesa long red silken cloth popularly known as Khandua Patta (on which the lines of Gita Govindam are woven), jhara (long necklaces) and many decorations, including the nakuasi (nose pendant made with flowers, decorating the left nostril), the adharamala (very long garlands touching the base of the singhasana), the hrudaya padaka (a round garland put on the heart, made with flowers, tulasi, jackfruit leaves and ketaki leaves), the kara pallava (hand fingers made with flowers), flower earrings and flower bangles.This is the most beautiful bhesha of the day.

In this Bada Sringhara bhesha, they are dressed with many flower ornaments and garlands.Even its name speaks, In Odia Bada means big and Sringhara means makeup.This Kandua patta is their most favourite dress and on that its woven that
                                                     " kamsari rapi sansara,
                                                                            basana bradhhasrungalam,
                                                       radhamadhaya hrudaye,
                                                                            tatyaja vrajasundari ll "

Bada Sringhara Bhoga 

After the completion of the food offering to the various smaller shrines within the temple compound, the Bada singhara bhoga is presented to Jagannatha at the Ratnasinghasan, with 5 upacharas.This is the last food offering, composed of several varieties of watered rice, such as dahi pakhal(curd rice), Ghia pakhal, sweet rice, Dali, Dalma, Khatta, pancakes, fried banana chips, kanji (a preparation of broken rice with vegetables), sura pani (green coconut water with camphor offered in a bronze container) and ghasa jala (a special drink of water mixed with ghi, jaiphal, Chandana, karpura).After the Bhog the karpoora arti and ghee wicks arti are done, here Pati Mohapatra is assigned to perform the Pahuda arti of lord Jagannatha and 2 puspalaks will do the arti of Lord Balabhadra and Devi Subhadra, however, in the absence of Pati Mohapatra, Palia Puspalak can perform the arti of Lord Jagannatha.

(At this time many traditional songs are being sung by the attendents of bada chaata matha and people,Earlier Devadasi use to sing and dance in the tune of Gita Govinda for the enjoyment of the great lords.) 

Khataseja Lagi & Sayana Thakura Bije

The ritual preparations for the Deities night rest khata seja lagi (bringing in the Bejeweled beds). Servitors carry the Well maintained Ratna palanka with very soft velvet bed sheets and pillows and carry them and place them inside garbha ghruha and then Sayana Thakura the conjoined golden idol of Arddhanariswara(half  Lord Vishnu and half Maa Mahalaxmi ) with 8 arms holding the conch shell (sankha), the disc (chakra), two lotus flowers (Padma), a manuscript, a mirror, and a pot filled with gems. S/He usually stays in the Palanka or Bandhara Ghara, but at the time for the bed ceremony is brought to the Singhasana near Jagannatha.Pushpalaka offer Chandana to the Shayana Thakura and places them near Jagannatha, then the Mala Sanskara is performed; the flower garlands are offered first to Jagannatha and then the same garland is given to the Shayana Thakura. The other two beds are brought into the Pokharia and placed before Bada Thakura and Maa Subhadra. The green coconuts are offered by the Bada Dwara Pratihari, and then they are sent to the shrines of Mahalakshmi, Bimala, Nrushingha, Bhubaneswari and to the Dakshina Ghara.

The Hadapa Nayaka offers bidia pana tambula (betel refreshments), then Arati is performed while then on the Jaya Vijay dwara a dambru is placed and the bitar katha (Wooden log ) is put down, then they put a long strip of cloth from Ratnasinghasan to Bhitar katha then 2 mahajans hold the Arddhanareswar Bhagwan and Pratihari while Striking 2 sticks calling out “Rajadhiraj Rajrajeswar Ardhanareswar Thakura Manima Bije n some lines” which will give goosebumps than a chatra will hold a royal umbrella and follow them,the kahalia will blow the ceremonial trumpet i.e Bije Kahali, khuntia throwing flowers then sri Arddhanareswar god will be placed on that dambru then all the people out there will worship then a silver bowl of water some of it will be put down before them and some will be shown and then with sanskara the Karpoora(Camphor arti) first to the lord than to garuda, then a green coconut will be offered then 2 bidia paan(betel) will be offered in a silver plate all like this at this time the last song of the day “Purushottama Prabhu Tribhuvana Deva Manima, Jaya Jagannatha jaya jaga deva” is being sung, then the lights will be turned off immediately and khuntia will throw white flowers from the behind and the lord will go inside and will be placed on the lord Jaganantha’s bed.


The Palia Pratihari closes the Jaya Vijaya Dwara, then the south gate is closed invoking the Lord (“Manima....! ”). The Palia Mekapa carries the chamu lamp around the Ratna singhasana and inspects the area while the akhanda lamps are extinguished.When he comes out, he closes the Kalahata Dwara, the Muduli locks the doors and puts clay seals on it, which is inspected by the Talaccchu Mohapatra. Then the area between the Kalahata Dwara and Jaya Vijaya Dwara is cleaned, the rings of the Jaya Vijaya dwara are tied with rope, then the Muduli and Mudra put  wet clay around the rope and on the lock with the Madana Mohana mudra seal, Pratihari even Request lords to come down the Ratnasinghasan to the Ratna Palanka, outside the door and Temple police verifies that no one remains inside the temple premises, then all the doors are closed.


so, like this, here again, successfully the Supreme Lord took rest as to poses another Manabia-leela(humanly acts) in this world with us. here, with this ends the series of a brief explanation of the rituals of Lord Jagannatha on the daily basis, whereas the scheduled time of rituals can't be said as it depends upon the completion of the previous ritual as here a ritual can't be skipped or surpassed, and on special tithis and festive time there are many complex rituals, so indeed the timing of rituals depends on Lord Jagannatha himself.

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